About Emily Beeckmans

Guiding your Healing through Counselling, Consulting & Crisis Support

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with my bachelor’s of arts in sociology and my bachelor’s of social work both with honours. I went on to complete my Master's Degree at the University of Toronto in social work. I began my career working with children and families. I educated interns from around the world about empowering and supporting people in crisis. I transitioned into working at the hospital emergency departments. This grew into me opening my own private practice in which I support people from all walks of life. I began to offer crisis interventions to support people who experience trauma at their work site. As a result, I combined my experience being a front line worker and psychotherapist to specialize working with front line workers and to coach people during challenging times in their life. In particular, I see adults and children who are stressed, anxious and/or depressed.

I have extensive specialized professional training as well as 15 years coaching people experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, conflict, grief, loss and trauma at every stage of life. The impact of our chaotic lives causes distress and anxiety. Leaving us emotionally lost and needing support to guide us through unexpected upheavals. I offer a safe place in which individuals, families, parents and children can discuss their daily challenges to regain balance and happiness in their lives. After identifying stressors, we will explore various methods to overcome barriers that interfere with your success and fulfilment. We all have strengths that are lost in daily life. We jointly explore how your assets and routine can meet your emotional needs. I offer advocacy and support to access local social services and the educational system. I work with a vast network of holistic professionals who can offer a circle of care to meet your needs.

I use a variety of therapeutic models to optimize your healing, and trained in the following therapies:

  • Cognitive Behavioural
  • Narrative
  • Dialectical Behaviour
  • Solutions Focused
  • Motivational
  • Mindfulness
  • Life Coaching for every age
  • Emotional intelligence

My services are covered by most health benefits and are tax deductible. Find out more about how to book an appointment with Emily here.

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