Our community is full of wonderful support services, resources and people who can help. Below, you will find outlets you can trust on many topics, including cancer support, mental health & addictions services, and other London-area and global psychology and counselling resources. I have also listed some online information that I consider helpful reads. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss how I can help you specifically, click here.

Cancer Resources

Young Women & Breast Cancer


Children Dealing with a Parent who has Cancer


Understanding Celebrity Impact



General Anxiety Information


Childhood & Youth Anxiety


Mental Health

Canadian Mental Health Association London



Addiction Services of Thames Valley


Alcoholics Anonymous


Magazines and News Related to Counselling, Well Being and Psychology

Inspiring Events

Warrior Dash


Breast Show in Town


Colour Run


Run for the Cure in London


Hay House Practitioners

 My son looked forward to seeing Emily monthly to talk about his feelings and how his health caused him stress. She ...

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 I felt included in my teenage daughter's treatments. I learned how to support her so she not resort to cutting to ...

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 She helped our family resolve a secret which caused a lot of conflict. She was patient and made us all feel ...

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