Children, Youth & Family

The stress and competing demands of daily life can often result in children & youth feeling anxious, depressed & lost.

Although you may think children do not face crises like adults do, 1 in 5 children and youth in Ontario will experience some form of mental health problem.

 I am ready to help your child or youth deal with the challenges they are facing, no matter the situation through Children, Youth & Family Counselling.

  • I offer a safe place for children to deal with the challenges they may be facing at home, with friends, and at school. Whatever they may be dealing with, I can help them find a way to cope better using a strategy unique to their needs and the situation.
  • With my knowledge of local community services as well as the educational system, I am able to offer quality, local referrals to assist your children and family. This ensures you are able to obtain the services necessary to achieve optimal mental health for your family. I also take referrals from other local professionals to better serve my clients. You can find my referral form here.
  • Many parents may not equipped to handle the complex and challenging issues that  youth can face. As an experienced social worker and clinical counselor, I am able to offer coaching for parents to help you better understand and support your children and youth through their life challenges.
  • A united approach to your child or youth's emotional well being can be the best approach. I bring the family together to promote positive and supportive communication skills. This helps facilitate a healthy and balanced home life for you and your child.

Find out how to book an appointment here to begin the process of Children, Youth & Family Counselling today.

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