Holistic Psychotherapy

Life Coaching: Unlocking Your Potential Through Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence & Resilience?

Do you often get lost in anger and sadness, with no reflection on how you really feel? I offer a solution in the form of emotional education and life coaching. Emotional education can help you identify what lies beneath your struggles to allow yourself the freedom to heal from past experiences. Many people do not realize that Emotional Intelligence is a skill we are never taught and is often over looked, yet learning how to manage our feelings allows us to interact positively and effectively with others. It can also enhance our abilities to emotionally read people in all aspects of our lives. Join me to unearth your inner strengths so you can embrace your emotional world.

This is also important in the workplace, where emotional intelligence collides with office politics. I can help you work through this often overlooked skill and enhance your abilities to empathize and understand those around you with my Emotional and Political Intelligence Workshop. Find more about this and my other workshops here.

Life Coaching is a tool that will help you experience deeper levels of happiness and personal fulfillment by:

  • Motivating, supporting and helping you clarify and achieve your goals
  • Equipping you with the tools and tips to cultivate a healthy lifestyle
  • Helping you feel balanced, organized and in control of your time and your life
  • Educating and empowering you to take action and make changes in your career, relationships and lifestyle
  • Exploration of obstacles that disempower your emotional health to reveal how to support wellbeing through strengthened vitality


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