Human Resources Specialist

Do you know how costly the well being of employees is? Canadians take an average of 9.3 sick days, costing the economy approximately $16.6 billion each year! It is important to keep in mind that mental health and wellness both in and out of the workplace can significantly impact an organization’s productivity and be quite costly to the business as a result.

As a Human Resources Specialist,  I can provide general employee and labour relations, as well as human resources advice to business leaders and owners, especially in the areas of strategic talent planning, performance management, and employee relations.

I assist with staff development by handling your Employee Relations issues in compliance with legislation and involving the Manager. I study existing and new legislation, which allows me to anticipate legislation and facilitate enforcing adherence to requirements by advising management on needed actions.

Additionally, I aid in succession planning, performance reviews, training and development, as well as employee relations and retention, attrition or exit analysis and cultural enhancement of the organization.

I improve manager and employee performance by identifying and clarifying problems, evaluating and implementing potential solutions, and by coaching and counseling managers and employees.

How do you know you need a Human Resources Specialist at your site?

  • If you ... are noticing a lack of teamwork and productivity, I can help boost your team's morale and make sure your employees are able to work better.
  • If you ... want to increase respect at all levels of your organization.
  • If you ... have recently went through a harassment-related investigation and you must implement recommendation.
  • If you ... are launching a new workplace respect policy or procedure of any form.
  • If you ... need assistance to implement and educate about new legislation for harassment, bullying or violence.

If you said "yes" to any of the above, choosing me as your human resources specialist is the right move! Book an appointment with me here to discuss what I can do better your business, today.

Why Choose My Services

Not only do I customize sessions and support to your unique on site needs, I also work within the structure of your organization and work within any shift schedule. I am a leading expert in workplace interventions that decrease stress and increase productivity, and am known for my effectiveness on-site and ability to mold to industry needs.

I have 20 years of resolving volatile interpersonal conflict. This paired with my creativity and development of easy, hands on tools that will benefit your organization long after the training is over, choosing my services sets you up for success now and in the future.   Want to know about other’s experiences with Emily’s Services? Check out my past clients' testimonials on my homepage!

Why use an Employee Relations Expert?

There are many reasons why choosing a seasoned expert in the area of human resources is a good idea. For instance, managing employee relations, worksite disability and return to work processes can be a full-time job. That is why utilizing a third party, like myself, to manage employee relations allows the organization’s human resources department to focus their time on doing business. Objective, proactive and strategic HR processes all add value to the organization, but can be time consuming.

Similarly, it is important that employees be treated fairly and consistently. As an outside professional, I can ensure equitable treatment. Furthermore, both employees and the organization have one point of contact, in order to ensure that the process remains on track. Essentially, I remain as a neutral and impartial outside professional who can manage the personality dynamics at your work site to ensure that decisions are made objectively and according to legislation.

Finally, I offer innovative solutions due to my cross industrial experience, as well as flexible, short/long-term plan designs, customized to the needs of your organization. This will ensure your receive costs effective and accountable services that are the least disruptive to your business.


My vast knowledge of employee and labour relations allows me to handle issues and challenges without reducing productivity and morale at the organization. My services include:

  • Prevention of costly investigations and help get you support to deal with the aftermath of staff scrutiny.
  • Training and tools to equip your leaders and employees with easy strategies to create and maintain a respectful workplace. They will learn how to identify, prevent and respond to respect related situation which could lead to workplace violence and harassment
  • Walking your company through the creation of a safe work environment to prevent harassment and disrespect. In return this will have a direct impact of increased productivity.
  • Helping you create a workplace based on respect to enhance productivity and public relations as well as public perception.
  • Managing employee relations, worksite disability and return to work processes.


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