Occupational Health & Safety Consultant


Government Certified Health & Safety Management Consultant

I offer the following tools, training and investigations to improve your occupational health & safety:

  • Current Health and Safety Government training
  • Develop and maintain written safety standards, procedures and policies, reviews and updates annually to ensure compliance with all related legislative/industrial requirements
  • Assist in regular monthly workplace inspections, perform hazard analysis and review safe work procedures
  • Assist in critical injury investigations, work refusals, completion of incident reports and participates in Ministry of Labour visits
  • Direct and review the analysis of accident and injury data, identifying the needs for new or modified occupational safety programs
  • Ensures compliance with all government legislation at all times

AODA: Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace

The employee accommodation process is key to a productive workplace environment. However, the process may leave you with many questions, like:

  • How do you work with an employee who has declared a physical, mental or emotional disability?
  • How do you manage and accommodate addictions and mental health?
  • How can you create a safe working environment that abides by the new ADOA expectations and legislation?

If you find yourself searching for the answers to these questions, I can help you understand the process by:

  • Provide training and implementation of government requirements
  • Creating and updating your policies and procedures about work place accommodations
  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of accommodation plans

Why is the Accommodation Process Important to You?

The Human Rights Codes as well as Accessibility Acts indicate a need for a formalized accommodation process and written accommodation plans.

Absenteeism cost the Canadian economy more than $16 billion last year and an effective disability management program can help mitigate those costs. In 2011-12, absenteeism cost Canadian organizations an average of 2.4% of gross payroll. This motivated concern that shortages of labour and skilled workers will develop because of an aging population. One possible way to alleviate this impending shortage is to maximize the participation of those with disabilities. Additionally, in 2001 some 2.0 million Canadians (10%) between the ages of 15 and 64 lived with some type of disability. Roughly 45% were in the labour force, compared with almost 80% of the non-disabled population without disabilities. So, employers must ask themselves:

  • Is your workplace prepared to meet your accommodation needs?
  • Do you have a trusted source to answer all your accommodation questions?

Trust Emily Beeckmans to assist you in accommodation support for any employee with disabilities.  This toolkit will provide information and tools to help make this process easier for you as human resources professional. When accommodating an individual with a disability the human resources professional will need to understand the federal or provincial human rights codes. This toolkit will provide an overview of the human rights legislation and case law which has developed with respect to this legislation.

Return to Work Rehabilitation

There are a number of advantages for an organization to contract out the disability claims management process to a third party to ensure they are providing legislated accommodations, including:

  • Emotional rehabilitation for injured employees who are working towards returning to their previous duties.
  • Collection and management of medical accommodations with management to develop realistic adjustment.
  • Coaching for the employers and their employees towards a successful early and long-term return to work.

Contact me today to find out how I can guide you through the accommodation process and ensure your workplace is healthy and safe, or Book an appointment through my website here.

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