Presentations & Workshops

The length of the presentation  or workshop will depend on your company's needs, which can be discussed before the event. Sit back and let me offer you support and guidance through educational material as well as personal experiences in my workshops and presentations to enhance your work - life balance.

Working Effectively with Difficult People

I offer theoretical and practical skills to work with a variety of challenging behaviours in the work place. This presentation enhances employee and management relations to increase productively and emotional health in the workplace.

Emotional and Political Intelligence

Knowing one's emotions and managing them in the workplace is an overlooked skill that requires guidance and support. I will offer an outline of what emotional intelligence means in navigating office politics and how to recognise emotions in others to effectively manage working relationships. I will also review emotional literacy beyond anger, sadness and happiness to enhance your abilities to empathize and understood those around you. This process will encourage you to be outside focused at work so you have more inner strength for self-care and your personal life.

Vicarious Trauma on the Front Line

I offer a psychology - educational approach to explaining and offering insight into the sneaky impact of working on the front line. This presentation is ideal for front line staff and management to access the emotional support necessary to continue saving, protecting and enhancing the public’s lives. Our Heroes need a safe place in which to ventilate and debrief so they can find balance and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

The Body & Mind Connection

Learn about how intricately our minds and bodies are intertwine to set our mood and health. Working on both emotional and physical health can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life. Finding balance in our hectic schedules is an art which you can begin to explore in this presentation.

Do you like the sounds of one of the above workshops or presentations? Let's discuss how we can adapt this to your needs by contacting me today!

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